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So having a physical cloud node in the local market, along with the security service that we run the cloud on, means that we can guarantee the customer's application is physically located in the Australian and New Zealand geography," Simon Walsh, COO at Virtustream, said in an doctor home loan rate Oak Laurel 0430129662 interview with ZDNet. "We can provide certainty that data at rest, data in transit, and data in use will not leave the geography under which they want to be governed." Walsh said Virtustream's enterprise cloud platform was built specifically for mission-critical applications, and that it promises five nines of uptime for availability (99.999 percent). Other cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure offer 99.95 percent uptime, which equates to doctor home mortgage loan Oak Laurel around 4.3 hours of downtime per year. "The public cloud hyperscalers like Azure and AWS are not capable of running mission-critical applications in the cloud," he said. "If you're running a blue light service and you have to provide an ambulance, and your contact software is running on Azure and they have 0.05 percent outage, that's four hours of not being able to provide an ambulance." Walsh added that enterprises want cloud solutions that operate on a service model. "What we see is that customers want the economic benefits of multi-tenant cloud solutions, but they need the service model of a services company who can guarantee a service-level agreement, who picks up the phone," Walsh said. "If you've ever had an application fail and you need to pick up the phone and ask someone to do something, you actually need a phone number. A lot of public cloud providers ... they don't issue a phone number for the helpdesk. That's because there isn't one.

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