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James Ackerman Obviously theres a tremendous amount of work that goes into that, but Im sure a club like Redcliffe will give it a really good go. It would be great to see them one day realise those dreams of becoming an NRL team. Although Bob Jones concedes that expansion is not a high priority for the NRL, he also believes the market is saturated in Sydney and that there is room for a second team in Brisbane. Despite all the mergers and expansion over the past three decades, the competition is still heavily stacked in favour of NSW, and more than half of the current NRL clubs are from Sydney. Pinterest The Redcliffe Dolpjhins Under-8s team in 1997, featuring current Manly and Queensland player Daly Cherry-Evans, holding the ball in the front row. Photograph: Redcliffe Dolphins Over the past few years there has been talk of a Brisbane Bombers franchise, although nothing has come to fruition. But with stage two of Redcliffes new stadium set for completion later this year, Jones believes the club will have better facilities than many of the NRL sides. For now, Redcliffe Dolphins are set to open the 2017 season with a grand final rematch against Burleigh Bears. The club has lost three grand finals in the past decade, and has not won the competition since 2006. Redcliffe, jokes McInnes, have doctor home loans Oak Laurel 0430129662 always had a great way of losing premierships. A win this season, then, would be a fitting way to celebrate 70 years. As for the clubs long-term aspirations, Tom Maule doesnt know if hell ever see his beloved Redcliffe Dolphins play in the national league.